Golden Retriever Adoption – How To Get Prepared For Your New Family Member

If you’re considering Golden Retriever adoption, it’s a good idea to learn more about the breed before you’re ready to adopt. Many people decide to adopt without fully thinking through the process or doing any research. Adoption a new Golden can be exciting, but it’s definitely important that you are well prepared for this step. Here are some important steps to take to prepare for this adoption.

Step #1 – Prepare to Exercise Your Dog

golden retriever running with ball in mouth

When it comes to Golden Retriever adoption, one step you need to take is to prepare to exercise your dog. These dogs need exercise to keep them well balanced mentally and in good shape physically. Many people fail to ensure their dog gets enough exercise, which can lead to problems with their behavior. Make sure you have a place to exercise your new dog and a Golden Retriever training plan for exercising as well.

Step #2 – Realize that Golden’s are Not for Security Purposes

golden retriever guard dog

Since Golden Retrievers are larger dogs, many people decide on Golden Retriever adoption with the idea that these dogs will provide security for their home. It’s important to realize that these dogs are not watchdogs and they should not be used for security purposes. Their demeanor is friendly and welcoming, which makes them a great pet but not a good watchdog.

Step #3 – Get Ready for Golden Grooming

golden retriever in need of grooming

It’s important that you prepare for Golden Retriever grooming before you go through with Golden Retriever adoption as well. Goldens usually have coats that are fairly long, which means they need to be groomed on a regular basis. Brushing their coat is important. Failing to brush will mean you’ll deal with fur all over your home. Before you adopt, it’s a good idea to purchase some good grooming supplies so you can take good care of your dog.

Step #4 – Know Where to Adopt

good golden retriever breeder

Knowing where to adopt your dog is important if you’re considering Golden Retriever adoption. Usually you won’t want to go to a pet store. It’s a better choice to do your Golden Retriever puppies adoption from breeders that are reputable and responsible. Good Golden Retriever breeders will have dogs from good lines, will belong to kennel clubs, and many will show their own dogs. There are clear benefits of adopting an American Kennel Club Golden Retriever or a dog registered at your local kennel club organization.

Step #5 – Prepare Your Home

golden retriever with his toys

Of course, preparing your home is important as well before you bring your new dog home. Ensure you eliminate items that can be easily chewed up, especially if you are getting a puppy. A crate can be helpful, as can some toys for your dog. Ensure you have food on hand and ways to put out food and water for your dog.

Step #6 – Ensure Everyone in the Home is Prepared for This Change

golden retriever house

Last, before your Golden Retriever adoption, make sure that everyone in the home is prepared for this change. Adding a dog to the house is a big step. Prepare everyone for it and ensure that they know to avoid rushing your new dog when you bring him home. Make sure everyone is prepared for the responsibility of a new dog as well.