Golden Retriever Puppies – How To Evaluate Them Before You Buy

Golden Retriever puppies are adorable and if you are buying one of your own, sometimes making a choice can be difficult. Of course, the right puppy for your needs and personality is going to be important as well. You also have to consider how your puppy will fit into your family. Since these puppies are usually expensive, you want to ensure you get a great puppy that is healthy and that has a great temperament. To help you choose the right puppy, here are some tips for evaluating puppies before you buy.

Observe Interactions with Other Puppies

golden retriever puppy

2 golden retriever puppies

When you’re trying to evaluate and choose a Golden Retriever puppy, one of the first things you should do is to observe the interactions of a puppy with the other puppies in the litter. Observe to find out if he is submissive within the litter or the dominant one. Also try to find out if he is adventurous or more cautious. Look at his behavior towards toys and food as well. The role that a puppy plays within a litter is going to affect the way your puppy fits into your home.

Check the Puppy Physically

sleeping golden retriever puppy

Before you spend a lot of money on Golden Retriever puppies, checking them out physically is a great idea as well. Check to make sure the puppy is active. He should have good muscle tone, a coat that is healthy and thick, and legs that are straight. Also make sure that the puppy has pink gums and clean ears, eyes, and nose as well.

Handle the Puppy

cool golden retriever puppy

It’s also important that you handle the Golden Retriever puppy before purchasing. Hug the puppy and touch his tail, ears, and feet. Handling the puppy is going to let you know how he does being handled. While you can expect a bit of squirming from a puppy, he should be find being handled and with a hug he should relax a bit.

Leave the Litter

golden retriever puppy litter

Spending some time away from the litter is a great idea when trying to evaluate puppies. See if the puppy will follow you or respond to you when you talk. Try playing with a toy to see if the puppy is curious about the toy. Most puppies will want to play with the toy as well, which is definitely something that is positive.

Observe the Temperament of the Puppies

2 golden retriever puppies in bed

No matter what puppy you end up picking, it’s a good idea to observe the temperament of all the Golden Retriever puppies in the litter. If most of the puppies are too aggressive or too cautious, this may be a warning sign that there is a problem. Don’t pick a puppy out of the litter if you observe these temperament defects.

Take a Look at the Parents

golden retriever parent

Of course, looking at all the puppies and observing them is important when trying to pick a puppy. However, don’t forget to look at the parents of the Golden Retriever puppies as well. If the breeder won’t let you see the parents, this should be a warning sign. Look for healthy parents that meet the accepted guidelines for health Goldens. Any problems you see in the parents could be passed on to the puppies, so this is an important step.

golden retriever puppy lying down