Black Golden Retriever – What’s The Deal With Them?

Questions have been asked about black Golden Retrievers being purebred golden retrievers. They can be purebred Goldens. If you trace the history of Golden Retrievers, you will learn that the black flat-coated retriever was one of the breeds incorporated in the mix. This has resulted in a breed with all of the characteristics that make the Golden Retriever the fifth most popular dog in the United States.

Recessive genes pop up in the most peculiar places at times. It happens in dogs, and it can happen in people. Two brown haired parents can have a blond child if there are blond recessive genes in the family tree. Animals have the same possibilities.

The Golden Retriever dates back to the 1800’s. Lord Tweedmouth began the development with his desire to breed a dog with an innate ability to retrieve, be spirited, energetic, loyal and kind. He achieved the breed by combining Tweed Water Spaniel, Newfoundland, Irish Setter and Flat Coated Black Retrievers. His idea of the perfect dog would be one that had a passion of retrieving waterfowl.

When they were developed, they were shown as Flat-Coated Retrievers of the Golden variety. The Golden Retriever arrived in the United States during the 1890’s.

While Black Golden Retrievers can be purebred, they cannot receive AKC papers or be shown in dog shows. The breed standard for Golden Retrievers includes all shades of Golden, but not red or black.

Black Golden Retrievers can be the result of breeders breeding a Golden Retriever with another black dog. Often the dog of choice is a Black Labrador. This can result in a black Lab Golden Retriever mix. It is not impossible for two beautiful Golden Retrievers to breed and have one or more black Goldens in the litter. Another possibility is the breeding of siblings. This should never be done. Not only can this result in Black Golden Retrievers but also dogs with other genetic problems and the possibility of bad temperament in the litter.

One theory about the resulting black Goldens is that, after World War II, the breed population had a dramatic drop in population. During that time, some kennel clubs permitted a different type of registration that would permit a dog to be registered as a purebred if the dog had all of the characteristics of the breed. This mix of breeds is credited with the resulting black Goldens. This “black” gene is also used as a cause for the increasing amount of aggression, often unprovoked, in the Golden Retrievers. This is very uncharacteristic of the breed.

Choosing to adopt Black Golden Retrievers is not different from the selection of any type of dog and requires the same care and thought. Stay away from pet shops and find a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will have both parents on the premises. The paperwork for the dogs will be made readily available to potential dog parents. Both parents should be checked for temperament and health issues.

Common health issues for Black Golden Retrievers are the same as for Golden Retrievers. There should be clearance from qualified veterinarians for hip dysplasia, cancer and other health issues that are common to the breed.

Be sure that Black Golden Retrievers are the perfect breed for you. Consider family activity as well as recreational activities. Consider rescue as an alternative to puppies. Many fine specimens can be found with licensed rescues.