Golden Retriever Temperament And Personality

Anyone who has ever owned a Golden Retriever is fully aware of the wonderful Golden Retriever personality for which they are so much admired around the world. But this is just one of the reasons why this breed has enjoyed a consistent rise in popularity among so many people the world over. With an expression that portrays intelligence, kindliness, and love this breed is sure to captivate the hearts of many people. As a family dog it is surely one of the best breeds in the world and is known for being patient, loyal, and demonstrative, with a pleasing and cheerful disposition.

Goldens are not to be confused with other dog breeds by assuming that they are so-called ‘one man dogs’ because they are known for being just as amiable with people with which they are not familiar as they are with those with whom they share their lives.

Golden Retrievers are known for their trusting and gentle disposition and it follows therefore that they are not the best choice for those seeking a reliable watch dog or guard dog. In fact, any type of aggression or hostility that is not in any way provoked, whether directed at people, other dogs, or at other animals, is not acceptable. On the other hand this is not a breed that should be thought of as being excessively timid or prone to being nervous. The typical golden is calm, highly intelligent, and very biddable with a keen desire and eagerness to please as well. In fact they are known to be friendly with everyone, even with people they do not know, and they are known for being friendly to other animals as well including those of a different species. This naturally means that if you are looking for a guard dog or watch dog the Golden Retriever is definitely not the dog for you. Rather than being a sign of protection or aggression the golden’s bark is actually a sign of welcome!

Goldens are known for their intelligence and they actually hold the fourth position in Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs list especially when it comes to their ability and willingness to obey commands and respond to training. The Golden Retriever personality makes it excellent around children and it is known for displaying great patience with them.

When the golden reaches adulthood they enjoy being active and they are naturally fun-loving dogs. Because of their quiet and patient demeanor they are excellent as companions for the blind and they are not afraid of work, having the ability to remain focused on a specific task longer than many other breeds of dog. Many in the Golden Retriever fancy have noted that they even have the tendency to work until the point of collapse and it is therefore paramount to ensure that they are not overworked.

Since goldens have a hunting heritage and are both the size and build of a dog bred for climbing in and out of boats they have an almost insatiable love of the water. Thankfully, given the fact that they are so trainable and intelligent it is possible to control this urge for the most part. When it comes to training your Golden Retriever it is important to remember that harsh training methods are simply not required given the fact that they respond very well to a training method that is positive and relaxed.

Goldens will be happy to adapt to practically any lifestyle on condition that you meet a few basic criteria. For instance he will need at least two walks every day and some games as well. Ensure that he gets a chance to run each week and you will have a happy and contented dog to share your life with. Compared with other breeds of dog the Golden Retriever personality is definitely not to be considered demanding in any way.

Because goldens love to play they have a tendency to chew on things and providing a selection of toys they can carry around and play with is essential if you want to keep your golden happy and contented. Many owners note that the Golden Retriever temperament tends to remain almost puppy-like even when the puppy stage is long behind them and so if you want your golden to have good manners and to be calm and obedient it is important to ensure that you provide training. It is vital to remember however that this is a very amiable breed and one that is very eager to please and therefore the Golden Retriever behavior training should not be anything other than upbeat and positive. They do have a tendency to get distracted though so remain patient and persistent throughout the training process.

Generally speaking the Golden Retriever personality makes it a great dog to have around with children and other dogs as well as with cats and most livestock. Because of the fact that this is a sociable breed that displays calmness and willingness to learn they are a pleasure to have around and make great family dogs. They also enjoy learning tricks and do so with minimal difficulty and effort.

Thanks to the amiable Golden Retriever temperament they have often been used as surrogate mothers not only to orphan pups but even across the species divide. Cases actually exist where goldens have played mother to kittens and even the orphaned babies of large predators such as tigers! Goldens are wonderful dogs to share your life with and will enrich it in a way you cannot imagine.

The Golden Retriever has a heart of gold. They are gentle, sweet, hard-working, and loving dogs that are excellent with children. They need exercise and mental stimulation. Remember that this is a breed that was developed for hunting and that means that they are naturally athletic and intelligent so providing them with opportunity to get rid of their energy and amuse themselves with interesting things is very important to their overall wellbeing. Forgetting your Golden Retriever in the back yard is not an option because he will grow bored and that could lead to personality issues that would be best avoided. The Golden Retriever personality needs an outlet and when his few needs are met he will reward you with a wagging tail and an eagerness to please that you will find hard to resist.