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Let me introduce myself. My name is James Drake and I have been an avid dog lover ever since I was a child. I created this website to provide free Golden Retriever information for those who wish learn more about owning and caring for these amazing dogs.

Browsing my website you will find a variety of resources that will help you increase your knowledge about the wonderful Golden Retriever breed, how to find high quality goldens to adopt, how to train them, what the most common health problems are, and much more.

I have also created a FREE step-by-step mini-course designed to help you get a jump start with raising a healthy Golden Retriever dog. It’s designed to quickly let you know what the breed is all about, how you choose the perfect golden puppy for adoption, the cost of owning a golden, some crucial things to buy and serious accidents to avoid, as well as various training, grooming, and health related tips.


In my FREE Mini Course, You’ll Learn:


  • The #1 success secret that can make a huge difference in finding a dog that you are wildly happy with
  • How NOT TO ACT the day of your goldens arrival, helping you avoid hard to get rid of behaviors in your dog.
  • Step-By-Step puppy picking guide that virtually guarantees your success of choosing the most well balanced and perfect pup every single time
  • Proper precautions for avoiding Fatal Safety Errors, making your home “puppy safe”
  • A little known key that’ll help you keep your Golden healthy, happy, and energetic throughout his entire life
  • The often overlooked aspect of adopting a puppy that could bring you into economical or emotional problems.
  • Top 10 Must-Buy items that will ensure you’re being well prepared for your new family member
  • 11 MUST-KNOW questions to know whether you’re dealing with a shady breeder
  • The Dirty Little Secret that will dramatically reduce the problems of bathing your Golden
  • The most common mistake people are making when training their Golden, and how by learning from their mistakes you will get far better results
  • Much, much more!


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