AKC Golden Retriever – The Benefits Of Adopting American Kennel Club Retrievers

If you’ve decided that you want to adopt a Golden Retriever of your own, you have a couple of options. Not all dogs are registered with the AKC. You can choose to go with an AKC Golden Retriever or you can choose dogs that aren’t registered. You may be wondering if there is any benefit to going with American Kennel Club Retrievers. Usually it is best to go with Goldens that are registered with the AKC and here are just a few of the benefits that this can provide you with today.

High Quality

First, you’ll find that the AKC Golden Retriever provides the benefit of being a high quality dog. The American Kennel Club is the largest registry for purebred dogs in the entire world. Not only does the organization register dogs, but it also does inspections and investigations into breeders that are registered. They not only inspect the conditions that dogs are kept in at breeders, but they also test the DNA of the dogs to ensure that the pedigree is kept very pure as well. Breeders that are not following the correct standards may not be able to register puppies with the AKC and they can even have their own registration suspended by this organization as well. When you go with dogs that are registered with the AKC, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the highest quality dogs possible.

Better Health

There are some health issues that some Goldens deal with. However, an AKC Golden Retriever is more likely to enjoy better health. Often poor genetics and breeding is what causes these health issues to occur. The bloodline quality is going to have an impact on the health problems that your dog has in his life. While there are no exact health standards, this organization does work to ensure that genetic diseases aren’t passed along to a new generation. When you go with a Golden that is registered with the American Kennel Club, you are more likely to end up with a dog that is healthy and problem free. The organization works to supervise litters and their health conditions and they also help to deal with health issues that already exist within the line.

Great Support

Going with an AKC Golden Retriever also provides you with the benefit of support. When your dog is registered with the American Kennel Club, you’ll become a part of a large community of dog owners. They can provide you with great materials, such as a puppy handbook, a certificate of the first vet visit for your puppy, and a whole lot more. They also hold many great events and competitions that you can enjoy and they help to teach people about responsibility taking care of their dogs.

The AKC is an organization that is designed to help with breed development. They help to watch over the purity of breeds and they work to ensure that dogs are bred in quality environments as well. Although an AKC Golden Retriever is going to cost you a bit more in most cases, you’ll find that they are definitely worth the extra bit of money. You’ll be assured that you are getting a high quality dog, a dog that has good health, and you’ll have all the support that the AKC can offer as well.