Golden Retriever Chow Mix – Adventurous or Docile?

The Golden Retriever and Chow are almost the Yin and Yan of the dog temperament world. When you have a Golden Retriever Chow mix, you have a chance of having one temperament or the other, or a combination of both. Either way, you will have a very hairy dog.

The Chow-Chow has a square profile of a sturdy body with wide skull and small pointy ears. The thick coat in the neck area looks like a mane. Lion-dog comes from that appearance. The coat can be a variety of colors. They come in black, red, blue, cream and cinnamon. The tongue is blue/black.

golden retriever chow looking up

Primarily kept as a pet, they do not like strangers and are very protective of property and owners. There are some insurance companies that consider the Chow to be a high-risk dog and will raise your homeowners insurance. This has not been the case with the Golden Retriever Chow Mix. The Chow is at high risk for a variety of health issues and autoimmune disease as well as skin melanoma.

The other half of this mix, the Golden Retriever, is almost the exact opposite. Loving, friendly and known to be a great family dog, they would help the burglar or intruder to the valuables and let them have their way. The Golden Retriever can be a couch potato in its later years, but for the first five years or so, it will require a lot of activity.

golden retriever chow mix profile

They were originally bred as water dogs to hunt fowl. A green tennis ball can be their best friend. They are fantastic family dogs, patient and loving with both children and adults.

The Golden Retriever Chow Mix can be any combination of the characteristics of either breed. They can have the joyous nature of the Golden or the stubborn and temperamental personality of the Chow. It is important for the owner to realize that either of these temperaments can be the dominant one. Is your dog serious, playful, stubborn, adventurous or docile? Is your dog the athletic Golden type or the couch potato Chow type. Both are loyal, but the Golden is more obedient and easier to train. Obedience training will give you a good idea of which breed is dominant.

golden retriever chow mix

The mix may grow to any size. They may be as large as a golden or petite. Their coat can be a blend of any of the colors of either breed. Some can grow with the golden characteristics and others will be primarily chow. Their coats will be thick. The Chow has a double coat that requires diligent grooming. The Golden has long soft hair that also requires brushing several times each week.

The coat can be very thick and soft or rough. There is little chance that the coat will be thin. Some grooming will have to be done.

If you choose to adopt a Golden Retriever Chow mix, you need to be a dog lover that is willing to adapt to the personality of the dog in your home. Until the dog has some age and experience, you will not know what they will like and dislike. Both are loving breeds. Golden’s love everyone and the Chow loves its family and is not to keen on strangers. Caution should be used if there are children that have not been exposed to dogs in the past.

golden retriever chow mix sitting


A mixed breed can be a loving, sweet dog. Everything will depend on the dominant characteristics. Learn your dogs behavior. It is very important to take your dog for behavior training. During your training sessions you will be able to determine if your dog will get along with other dogs. You will also be able to determine how stubborn or compliant the dog will be. this is an opportunity to observe the Golden Retriever Chow mix reaction to strangers.