White Golden Retriever – What Are The Differences?

Many people are unaware that there are a couple of different lines when it comes to Golden Retrievers. There are American lines and English lines. The English lines are often known as the “White Golden Retriever”, since they are often much lighter than most of the American bred Golden Retrievers. While you may not be aware of the differences, showmen and breeders are sure to quickly see the differences. Learning about the differences is a great idea and it may even influence your decision next time you are ready to purchase a Golden.

white golden retriever

“White Golden Retriever” is just one of the names that are used for English Goldens. This name was given to them because many have coats that are nearly white. Some of the other common names include British Cream Golden Retrievers, Platinum Retrievers, or even Blonde Golden Retrievers. In most cases, American Golden Retrievers vary in color from pale yellow to very dark red or mahogany colors. However, most of the Goldens from the UK are significantly lighter.

White Golden Retrievers have hair that is a bit shorter and it is lighter than most American Goldens. However, they have differences in more than just color as well. These dogs are usually stockier and their heads have a square shape instead of being long like the American Goldens. These dogs were bred to deal with the climate in the area, which is cold and wet.

One of the benefits of the shorter coat that a White Golden Retriever usually has is that it doesn’t take as much grooming as the coats of the American Retrievers. You’ll also find that there are a few other ways that these English dogs vary from the American breed. Usually you’ll find that the dogs from the UK usually have eyes that are darker brown. Since their eyes are darker and they have a broader head, sometimes their facial expressions may be a bit different as well.

white golden retriever 2

Of course, you’ll find that the White Golden Retrievers and the American Retrievers both have the same disposition. They are friendly, loving, happy, active, and very eager to please. Most enjoy being outdoors as well, since they were bred to be hunting dogs.

You’ll find that a White Golden Retriever is often considered to be a purer form of this breed. These dogs come from the UK, which is where the breed originated in the first place. Even if you are purchasing a Golden within the United States, you may want to consider looking for dogs that have lines that directly trace to the English line of Golden Retrievers. In many cases, these dogs are considered to be more valuable as well and they often will show traits more like a White Golden Retriever. Some breeders have even experimented with putting a more traditional American bred Golden with a Golden that has a UK lineage. This results in beautiful Golden Retriever puppies that bring together the best of the two different lines.