Golden Retriever vs Labrador – A Step By Step Comparison

If you simply look at Labrador Retrievers, especially the yellow ones, you’ll find that they do look a lot like the Golden Retriever breed. Both of these breeds are very popular options and you may even want to compare the two before you decide which one you want for a pet. Both are family dogs that are loveable and smart. Here is a closer look at the Golden Retriever vs Labrador, which should help you to make the best choice for your family when you’re ready to have a pooch of your own.

golden retriever vs labrador retriever

Breed Origin

First, let’s start the Labrador vs Golden Retriever comparison by taking a look at the origins of both of the breeds. You’ll find that the Goldens trace back to Scotland and they were bred to retrieve game birds, duck, and waterfowl during hunting. You’ll find that the Labradors are thought to come from Newfoundland and it is thought that they came from the St. John’s Water Dog, which is a breed that doesn’t exist anymore.

Comparing The Temperament

If you’re trying to decide which type of dog you want to have for your family, you’ll want to do a Labrador vs Golden Retriever assessment of the temperament of both options as well. You’ll find that the labs are quite independent and they are very curious, which means they make great explorers. They love the water more than most Goldens do as well. On the other hand, Goldens happen to be the calmer dogs and they enjoy being with people and getting a whole lot of attention. They are well known for wanting to please their master, which makes them easy to train too.

Comparing Colors

Another thing to compare when taking a look at the Golden Retriever vs Labrador is their colors. The Goldens are only golden in their color and they may have slight variations from cream to deep gold. Their noses are black as well. You’ll find that the Labradors can come in chocolate, golden, black, and even fawn colors. They also have black noses. Some of the labs that are fawn colored may turn pink as they age too.

Dog Descriptions

Take a look at the physical descriptions in your Golden vs Lab assessment before you decide which one you want to have as your own pet. Goldens come with tails that are shaggy and bushy. Their coat is water repellent, which helps them to swim. They usually have various shades of gold for their coat. The labs come with webbed feet and tails that are broad and strong. This helps them to be great swimmers. The coat they have is almost waterproof as well, which aids with swimming. However, there can be a lot of variation in the coat, build, and color of these dogs.

Grooming Needs

Since these two dogs are different, you’ll find that the grooming required is different as well. The Goldens have coats that are bushier and longer and they have quite a bit of feathering. This means that they will need quite a bit of grooming. However, Labradors come with hair that is straighter, which means it is pretty easy to groom. They usually shed a couple times a year, but you don’t have the shedding that comes with a longer coat.

With this look at the Golden Retriever vs Labrador, you should have enough information to decide which dog is going to be the right one for you. Look all the overall characteristics and then make an informed decision.