The Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix

Hybrid dogs and designer dogs have become increasingly popular. A person may love a golden retriever and have respect for the German Shepherd. By combining the two breeds, they hope that the good characteristics of the Golden Retriever and the characteristics that a German Shepherd has will combine and be the perfect dog. The Golden Shepherd mix may or may not be the ideal combination for everyone, but those who have them would not trade them for any other breed.

The designer dogs are supposed to be a 50/50 mix of each breed. The breeder chooses what they believe to be the best dog of each breed and does hope for the best. An ideal mix would be one that had the good points of each dog. After the first litter is born, the breeder will create a second, hopefully with two different parents. They will then take the best of each litter and breed them. This maintains a 50/50 mix. For the first few litters, there is the possibility of having many different types of dog.

golden shepherd face

The Golden Retriever is a loving companion and wonderful family dog. Considered to be a medium sized dog, they have the disposition that many dog owners desire but may desire a stronger personality. Golden retrievers have several health problems that are common to larger dogs. This includes hip dysplasia and allergies to fleas and ear mites. Before choosing a German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix, the breeder should be pleased to show you the vet records of the Golden. This will let you know if the Golden parent has been cleared of known issues.

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The German Shepherd is a good family dog as well. They are far more protective than the Golden. If threatened they can be quite aggressive. They have been a popular breed for companion dogs, search and rescue and other working dog jobs. When rated for intelligence, they come in at the third most intelligent breed. They are obedient, strong and courageous. They are an intelligent breed and take to training well. They, like all dogs, should have obedience training and be well socialized. They have a direct and fearless expression that can cause a predator to hesitate before they proceed. A well socialized and trained GSD has a reputation of being safe. They do have a tendency to attack older dogs. They are working dogs and they do need a purpose.

golden shepherd lying down

The Golden Shepherd mix is a loving, caring dog that is very easy to train. Many owners will tell you that the dog understands many commands, and after telling them a command or the name of a toy a few times, there is no doubt that they know the words. Behavior training is always good for any dog and is recommended for these as well.

golden shepherd rolling on back

The dogs have German Shepherd head and a straight back. The ears can flop or stand up at will. Most let the ears lay down. They have a Golden Retriever coat and need to be brushed at least once a week. They are an active, intelligent dog and fantastic companions for the entire family. The Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix will enjoy an active family and a good home.

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