Golden Retriever Training – Great Tips to Train Your New Puppy

golden retriever running in water medium

One of the most important things that you need to remember when you get a new puppy is proper training. While you may not want to spend the time doing it, you’ll find that proper Golden Retriever training is going to be very important. What you teach your puppy now is going to have a big impact on his behavior in the future. The great thing about this breed of dog is that they love to please their owner, which means they are easy to work with. Here are a few of the basic tips on how to train a Golden Retriever that you can use to turn your pup into a dog that is obedient and loving.

Tip #1 – Socialize Your Pup Early

One of the most important Golden Retriever training tips to remember is to socialize your pup early on. While he is still very young, you need to make sure he is having contact with humans, as well as other dogs. This helps with the development of good behavior. Take him out to meet other dogs in the neighborhood. You can even set up some playdates with others who have younger pooches as well for some good socialization.

Tip #2 – Start Housebreaking Immediately

You definitely don’t want to wait when it comes to housebreaking in your Golden Retriever training. As soon as you bring your new pooch home, you need to start up the housebreaking. Most puppies don’t have a whole lot of control over their bladder in the beginning. For this reason, you may want to start by putting some puppy pads or some newspapers down near the bed you have for him. After he does well at using the pads or newspapers, start moving it closer and closer to the door. Soon you’ll have him trained to go outside whenever he needs to relieve himself.


Tip #3 – Teach Obedience Commands

golden retriever balancing balls on head

It’s also a good idea to begin teaching obedience commands early. Usually Goldens will do well with commands starting at about eight weeks of age. Start out with some of the simple ones, such as lie down, stay, and sit. Just make sure you start teaching these obedience commands at home. Otherwise he may become distracted, which can end up leading to frustration for both of you. Use sessions that are short but frequent in your Golden Retriever training, only introducing one command for each session. Before you go to a new command, make sure he has mastered the original one first.

Tip #4 – Curb Chewing

Puppies chew – it’s just a fact. This is especially going to occur when your puppy is teething. Make sure you buy some good chew toys for your dog so he does have something to chew on that is okay. However, if he starts to chew on something he shouldn’t be chewing on, make sure you tell him “no.” This should be done in a firm voice. Also, make sure you direct him back to toys he is allowed to chew on so he learns what things are okay to chew on and what things he’s not to chew on. Throughout your Golden Retriever training sessions, reward him for chewing on his toys instead of on other items like furniture too.

Tip #5 – Stop Jumping

Jumping is often something people forget when it comes to Golden Retriever training. It seems pretty cute when he is just a puppy, but it definitely can become a problem as he gets larger. Even though he’ll be excited to see you, you need to make sure that he knows that jumping is not an acceptable behavior. Look away from your dog when he starts to jump and fold your hands across your chest to show your displeasure. Don’t offer him any attention until he is calm. Then you can give him attention. If you show that he won’t get any attention if he jumps, it should be easy to break him of this habit.