Golden Labrador – Is This The Mix For You?

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Going with a mixed dog may not really seem like the best choice at first. However, there are times when a mix can end up working out well for you. One of the popular mixes out there that seems to work great is the Golden Retriever Lab mix. While you won’t be able to show this dog, if you want a nice pet that does well with kids and is easy to train, a Golden Labrador mix may be the right option for you.

A Few of the Qualities

Every dog has his own personality traits. However, most individual breeds of dogs have certain traits that are predictable. For example, hounds are usually relaxed, beagles have a huge amount of energy, and Goldens are known for being even tempered and intelligent dogs. You’ll find that the Labrador Golden Retriever mix brings about a specific set of qualities as well.

Intelligence is one of the qualities you are going to find in a Golden Retriever Labrador mix. Golden Retrievers are well known for being very intelligent, as are Labradors. Combine them together and you’ll quickly find that this gives you a very intelligent dog. With all this intelligence, it will make it very easy for you to train this new dog, since he is sure to catch on to new commands very fast.

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Another of the qualities you’ll find in the Golden Retriever lab mix is the nice temperament. This Golden Lab mixture will give you a very attentive and mild mannered dog. This occurs because both of the breeds are known for being loving and very even tempered. Of course, breeding with other breeds can end up presenting you with a puppy that grows up to be uncontrollable and hostile. You don’t have to worry about this when you go with Golden Lab puppies.

The size of these dogs will be predictable as well, since they are both very close in size. If you’re breeding with a yellow lab, you’ll find that the coloration will be predictable as well, since the colors are close to the same. Their shape is similar as well, which means you will probably get a shape that is pretty predictable with this Labrador Golden Retriever mix.

Other Considerations

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As you can see, there are definitely some great qualities that you can enjoy if you decide to go with a Golden Retriever Lab mix. However, you also need to keep some other considerations in mind as well as you are considering whether a Golden Labrador is the right choice for you. First, remember that you won’t be able to register a Golden Lab with the American Kennel club. However, if this is not something that is important to you, it won’t be a problem. You’ll also find that there may be an increased risk of hip dysplasia, since this can be a problem in both of the breeds.